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Every day we use robust analytics via Algofy Insight and the most powerful AI platform in the world – Google – which allows us to automate thousands of advertising adjustments each day based on your brand’s KPIs and the changing competitive landscape. All of this is in the hands of Algofy’s team, which has experience scaling brands in your industry.


With powerful tools we perform a thorough review of your niche’s competitive landscape to understand market size, category trends, and opportunities for your brand.



Performance reporting dashboards and powerful analytics via Algofy Insight are provided to give you a total view of performance that goes beyond the numbers on an ongoing basis.



Through our unique optimization process and powerful AI, we have the ability to control bids for every gender, age group, household income, zip code, time of day, device (and more!).



Our blend of tools, analytics, and reporting are focused on one thing: your KPIs. Aligning all of our efforts on your goals helps find the path of least resistance to scale sales for your site.


What we offer

Search Ads

Ensure your products and services are visible to your target audience by having Google display text ads among search results.

Shopping Ads

Show your products visually at the top of Google’s search results where customer intent is the highest.

Google Display Ads

Be in your customers’ field of view with visual ads that appear in the articles, videos, and websites they browse.

Youtube Ads

Reach your customers on the most popular online video sharing platform and reap the benefits!

Bing Ads

Add new customers by targeting people who search for products and services on the world’s second largest search engine.

Case study


University of Northwestern (UNW) is a Christian university located in the heart of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. It aims to form leaders through academically excellent Christian education across more than 65 areas of study, including undergraduate, graduate, and master's degrees.


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We first use Algofy Insight to analyze a given market segment’s search volume, costs, and relative competition across relevant search terms. Algofy Insight groups these terms into themes which we use to build out a draft keyword targeting structure based on intent. We then review this structure with our partner brand for input based on their market expertise prior to launch.

Many brands experience drastic shifts in sales from peak to offseason. Depending on the category, increasing ad spend can certainly help compensate for volatility, but this often comes with sacrificing ROI due to decreased market demand. At minimum, our advanced analytics can help project needed inventory ahead of time in order to maximize returns throughout the year.

Simply, we heavily lean on commission-based pricing with low or no fixed fees, meaning when you win, we win. We bake in your KPIs and make our pricing structures customizable to the partner brands we work with, offering some flexibility on the relationship between term length, fixed fees, and commission percentages. We’ll do an assessment during the audit and offer a proposal on pricing at that time.