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Capitalize through social media networks visited by millions of your potential clients. We are ready to direct your marketing efforts to the right channels and make the most out of this quick and effective way of reaching your target audience.


We’ll conduct competition benchmarking, audience segmentation, copy and content optimization, and account structure improvement to enable experimentation and scaling.



The Algofy team will measure and boost your performance on each platform by implementing variable tracking and other related tools with a 360° view of your business in mind.



Our iterative process incorporates a business feedback loop, which entails data-driven and structured testing, the results of which are clear and applicable in determining future testing to create the highest business impact.



With a 360° business view to inform Social Ads decisions, continuous scanning for new platform trends, and a focus on growth, we ensure lasting results for your business based on your KPIs.


What we offer

Facebook Ads

We will launch carefully crafted Facebook ad campaigns to help you achieve your business goals faster.

Instagram Ads

Harness the vast outreach of Instagram and make it work for you with professionally made ads from Algofy.

LinkedIn Ads

We are here to increase your website traffic, boost brand awareness, and generate better leads with the #1 professional network.

TikTok Ads

Capture the attention of your potential customers with a variety of engaging ads they can’t miss.

Twitter Ads

Showcase your products and services through spot-on ad campaigns on Twitter and watch the business performance improve.

Case study


Mayraki Professional is a natural haircare brand founded by a group of niche professionals and herbalists. Its mission is to provide solutions for a variety of hair and scalp problems experienced by many, including remedies for hair loss, graying, dandruff, and damage.


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Short answer: No. Our goal is to match your brand with whatever social platform your customers spend time on. Having worked with the most relevant social platforms, we understand where your ad dollars will have the highest return. And thanks to our data-driven testing process, we are also able to identify where opportunities open/close and pivot accordingly.

We make use of existing brand data, competition analysis, platform knowledge, and market research tools to ensure you reach the right audience mix to generate results for your brand. Those can be completely new clients, users similar to your current customer base, or visitors that know your brand but just need that final (gentle) push toward purchasing your product or signing up for your service.

The key to a profitable social ads strategy lies in measuring as many relevant user interactions as possible alongside continuous data-driven testing to identify opportunities that match your brand’s unique needs and goals. We will help you reach your potential customers in their preferred social app at the right time with appealing content.